National Dinosaur Day

Special day of the year


During this weekend you have to remember and research about Dinosaurs on National Dinosaur Day. There are a varied group of animals. Since the first dinosaur fossils were recognized in the early 19th century, mounted fossil dinosaur skeletons have been major attractions at museums around the world, and dinosaurs have become an enduring part of world culture.

The largest sauropod dinosaurs are estimated to have reached lengths of 39.7 meters (130 feet) and heights of 18 meters (59 feet) and were the largest land animals of all time.


Dinosaur Sauropod

The smallest known non-avialan dinosaurs were about the size of pigeons and were those theropods most closely related to birds.

avialan dinosaurs

Top 5 Best Dinosaur Movies you have to watch on National Dinosaur day.

1) Jurassic Park
2) The Lost World – Jurassic Park
3) The Land Before Time
4) Dinosaur
5) Jurassic Park III

Top 6 dinosaur games you need to play.

1) Primal Carnage
2) Dino D-Day
3) Turok: Dinosaur Hunter
4) Dino Crisis
5) Jurassic Park (Sega Genesis)
6) Monster Hunter 3

We think we have included all of the best Movies and Games, please feel free to comment it on the comment box if you think we missed anything.


Dinosaur Fight Video


Jurassic Park Full Movie


Top Videos of Dinosaur

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