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Bubble Football – Bubble Soccer Ball for Sale

Games and sports are the most important part of our life. It plays a very special role in development of human personality. Games and sports helps not only the kids and adults. There is no age barrier for playing games and taking active participation in sports and make yourself healthy.

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Games and sports are not less important than food and water. There are lots of advantage of sports and games. Games and sports is the great combination of exercise with thrill excitement and sensation. Numerous games are played over worldwide, bubble football is one of them. It is game with lots of fun, it quite different and decent.

Bubble football is little bit different than traditional football. You can enjoy your weekends, holidays with excitement with this newest sports Bubble football. Any of the game gives you more pleasure if it should be played in group and this game is also played in team, with the objective of scoring more goals than the opposing team.

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Bubble football is fantastic game first created in Norway. There no doubt that bubble football is one of the best thing in the crowd. Bubble football is a combination of playing football with very great size zorb balls wrapped from head to waist, it covers the whole body and only player’s legs are free to move.

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Bubble football can be played on football pitch, open and clean grass fields and even also in indoor sports hall. This is such a funny and enjoyable game and it doesn’t when the player hit to the ground. It is completely safe and definitely exciting to wear a bubble for playing football. There is no age hurdles for playing this game, it can be enjoyed by all ages and all will love this craziest sport, you’ll laugh yourself silly and have very nice time playing this sport on your free time for amusement. This crazy sport doesn’t have any hard rules to play, in this game just team compete to score goals. Player’s hands are covered in the bubble ball so there is no question to touch the ball with their hands.

This game is safer than football and much lighter than any other sport equipment.

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10 bubble football, 1 big ball, 1 pump

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Price: US $1,799.00 – Click Here for BUY

  • Name : Bubble Football
  • Color : Clear (patterns and colors are available upon request)
  • Size : 1.5 diameter
  • Human height : 165cm – 190cm
  • Certification : CE, SGS
  • Accessories : Repair kit and Carry bag for each ball
  • Shipping: Free shipping is available in United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. Other countries might have to pay some extra charges. So, don’t forget to contact us before placing an order.
  • Delivery time: After the payment of the product, we assure you that delivery of your order will be done within 12 working days.
  • Logo printing: No charges for logo printing, it’s totally free.
  • Warranty: Free repair kit is provided to you with 1 year quality guarantee.
  • Import duties: please be noted, price of the product is not inclusive of import duties and taxes. To find out about the additional charges, contact your country’s Custom Office.


PRODUCT DETAILS This is a combo product pack which includes 10 bubble football, 1 big ball and 1 pump to inflate the ball. Most probably air pumps are available with multiple nozzles sizes, amongst it, you can find one which accurately fits in the ball.


Bubble Football Sale10 pcs 1.5m TPU bubbles +1 free pump

bubble football photos

Price: US $2,350.00 – Click Here for BUY

  • Name : Bubble Football
  • Material :TPU
  • Size : 1.5 diameter
  • Human height : 165cm – 190cm
  • Color : clear (if you want different color and pattern, it is possible to get on request)
  • Certification : CE, SGS
  • Accessories: carry bag for each ball, repair kit
  • Shipping: There is no cost for shipping bubble football in United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. In any other countries there might be extra charges, please contact us before placing your order.
  • Delivery time: Assured delivery of your order within 12 working days after the payment.
  • Logo printing: We doesn’t charge any extra cost for logo printing.
  • Warranty: 1 year quality guarantee and a free repair kit.
  • Import duties: please contact your country’s Customs office to find out about the additional costs, as the product price doesn’t include any taxes and the import duties.


PRODUCT DETAILS –  TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethanes) is the best choice for making bubble football, as it is more durable, wear resistant and it has longer operational life span. TPU is lighter, more comfortable, fragrance free and environment friendly. These balls are made of shock resistant matter. Comes with two spheres for overall protection from both the outer surroundings and secure inner fit, achieved with straps and belts


Inflatable water ball, water walking ball 

Water Walking Ball

Price: US $249 – Click Here for BUY

  • Name: Inflatable water ball, water walking ball
  • Color: Clear, as on request different colors and patterns are also available.
  • Size: 2m in diameter, different sizes are also available upon request.
  • Certification : CE, SGS
  • Shipping: shipping will be charged for all countries except in Europe, Asia Australia, United States and Canada. All the other countries
  • Delivery promised within 12 working days of payment
  • Logo will be printed for free
  • 1 Year warranty and a free repair kit
  • Import duties and taxes have to be borne by you in addition to the product price.


PRODUCT DETAILS –  A water walking ball or a water ball is a large overblown sphere beyond our imagination, as people can go inside it to walk across the surface of water in a swimming pool, marinas or lakes to enjoy the exciting game. The zipped entrance is made in this water walking ball for people to entry and exit easily. All the zippers for water balls are TI zips (from German–waterproof, airtight and gastight). The giant ball is usually 2 meters in a diameter, but other sizes are also available according to your requirement. This is one of the most crowd-pleasing items of entertainment on water.

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