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American Honey Movie Review: American honey directed by Andrea Arnold, a brilliant British film-maker of considerable talent and acclaim starring Sasha lane, Shia LaBeouf, and Riley Keough. American honey is not the drama or thriller but you will have good time, this is one the film which a lot of people are really excited to see it out there and lot of people are hyping it. People are excited because it presents the kind of weird teenager. Movie is really unique, this is 2 hour and 40 minutes movie, it would be master piece if it would be little bit shorter still the movie is so good.


Directed by Andrea Arnold
Produced by ·         Thomas Benski

·         Lars Knudsen

·         Jay Van Hoy

·         Lucas Ochoa

·         Pouya Shahbazian

·         Alice Weinberg

Written by Andrea Arnold
Starring ·         Sasha Lane

·         Shia LaBeouf

·         Riley Keough

·         Raymond Coalson

·         Chad McKenzie Cox

·         Verronikah Ezell

·         Arielle Holmes

·         Garry Howell

·         Crystal B. Ice

·         McCaul Lombardi

·         Shawna Rae Moseley

·         Dakota Powers

·         Isaiah Stone

·         Kenneth Kory Tucker

·         Christopher David Wright

·         Will Patton

Cinematography Robbie Ryan
Edited by Joe Bini
·         British Film Institute

·         Film4 Productions

·         ManDown Pictures

·         Maven Pictures

·         Parts & Laboratory

·         Pulse Films

Distributed by ·         A24

·         Universal Pictures

·         Focus Features

Release dates ·         September 30, 2016(US)

·         October 14, 2016(UK)

Running time 163 minutes
Country ·         United Kingdom

·         United States

Language English


American Honey Star Cast:

  • Sasha Lane as Star
  • Shia LaBeouf as Jake
  • Riley Keough as Krystal
  • Arielle Holmes as Pagan
  • Garry Howell as Austin
  • Kenneth Kory Tucker as Sean
  • Crystal B. Ice as Katness
  • Raymond Coalson as JJ
  • Chad McKenzie Cox as Billy
  • McCaul Lombardi as Corey
  • Isaiah Stone as Valium


American Honey Photos

Let’s go to the plot, the story of this movie is about the girl who is played by Sasha lane. She runs away from her trouble home because she had some issues there, so she wants to start a new life and kind of move away from what she is dealing with so she meets up with Shinola’s travelling crew. They are travelling to America and in some other different places on which they’re just travelling and selling magazines and then that’s where the romantic stuff happens. O Shia LaBeouf’s character is a part of travelling crew and this girl meet with him and they have kind of relationship.


This movie doesn’t contains any punches and even the cast doesn’t invite you to like them. But American Honey isn’t about liking its characters or hating them – it’s about empathizing with them. There is so much that is valuable in the film like a sense of mood and space, interesting ideas and a tense triangular dynamic between its chief characters.

American honey retain some captivation as a purely sensational work.

Reviewed by: Amee Rughani

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